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7 tips to help you fight the fade-Why does my hair colour fade so fast?

7 tips to help you fight the fade-Why does my hair colour fade so fast?

When you step out from the salon confident, on point, your colour so vibrant and shiny it blinds passers by, it’s a morale booster you wish to carry around with you always. But by giving your hair the wrong sort of TLC, your colour can feel flat, dull and faded far too quickly.

Do not despair. You actually have more control over your fading locks than you realise. Here we have seven tips that could help you keep your colour stronger for longer.


1.   Stop washing your hair in hot water
If you love nothing better than a hot bath or shower, then you’re not doing your colour any good. Hot water will lift the outer cuticle layer, and since this is the layer that holds your colour in, your hair is then defenceless against losing the colour you paid big bucks to have put in there. The hotter the water, and the more often you rinse with hot water, the faster your colour will fade. Instead, wash in warm water and rinse in cold. The cold water will actually seal the cuticle and leave your hair looking extra glossy.
2.  Stop over-washing your hair
Avoid washing your hair for as long as humanly possible. This may seem like a relatively gross thing to do, but your hair and colour will thank you for it. And always wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair after you’ve had it coloured, to let the dye settle in. Water fades hair colour. In fact, up to 80% of colour fade is due to water alone. Your hair absorbs water, and as your hair dries, the dye drains out with the water. Not only that, tap water contains a myriad of chemicals that interfere with the way your hair takes on and keeps colour. Over washing it exposes hair to these chemicals far too often. If you’re an ardent every day washer, try every other day or use a dry shampoo like Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo with its fragrance retention technology means the signature scent stays with you all day long.
Gold lust dry shampoo
3.  Don’t wash your hair with detergent
The word sounds so harsh, but, most likely, if you shampoo, you are using a detergent. Most contain salts, alcohol and sulphates as lathering agents. These bind to the colour molecules and lead to them running down the sink instead of staying where they belong. At Giannasso, we use sulphate free shampoos that we recommend for all colour services, from blonde, through red, browns and blacks.  We use the amazing Oribe range of products & Neal & Wolf  in our salon & they contain none of the harmful  colour additives, as well as being salt, paraben and sulphate free. Always check the ingredients.
Oribe hair colour productsNeal and Wolf products
4. Don’t let the sun damage your colour
Though you may be aware of the damage the sun does your skin, did you also know that it doesn’t do your hair any favours either? The ultraviolet rays in sunlight are harmful for your hair making it dry, brittle and dull, but not only that, the UV rays break down the chemical bonds in your hair, making the colour fade. Save your hair and colour by limiting your exposure to the sun. Wear a hat, or sunscreen (yes you can buy it for your hair!) or at the very least replenish some of the moisture with the beautiful Oribe colour range of shampoo’s and conditioners that will extend the bright, happy life of your dye with high-tech ingredients that target damaged areas for intense moisture treatment and protect your hue from the elements.
Oribe colour shampoo
 5.  Get the right products
If you’re not using a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner on your colour-treated hair, then that is one of the best places to start with keeping your colour for longer. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are made for colour-treated hair, they will be safer for your colour and help to minimise fading. As a general rule, and one that will also help you maintain your colour, shampoo should be focused on the roots only and the conditioner stays on the mid through ends of the hair shaft. As mentioned earlier, avoid anything with colour stripping sulphates or alcohols in the ingredients. If you are travelling then why not consider the beautiful colour travel collection from Oribe with shampoo’s conditioners and a mask.  Ask a member of the Giannasso team for the right product for you
Oribe travel collection
 6. Protect your hair from too much heat
We all know that the heat from hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners is damaging to our hair, but it also compromises colour. Protect your hair from the heat and over-drying with a lightweight oil or heat-protection product like Heat Seal from Neal & Wolf  thats is also has UVA sun protection. 
Heat seal
 7. Take care of damaged hair before you have it dyed
When your hair is damaged, dry, split and brittle, getting a good finish on your new colour is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. Porous and damaged hair means that the cuticle lays open, unable to lock in moisture or colour. Treating this before you have your hair dyed will help to keep your colour bright and your hair glossy. Have the ends that can’t be saved chopped off, and restore the porosity and condition of your hair with a conditioning treatment like the one we use at Giannassowhich is SMARTBOND helping to keep the condition of your hair strong after dying it with colour-safe conditioner. Click the link for more information about our treatments.
When you spend money and time on colouring your hair, make it worth it and hold back the fade by following our tips; and you will have just-stepped-out-of-the-salon-worthy confidence in your colour every single day.
To get your hair colour-ready, book your next appointment with us today. You can book a FREE no obligation colour consultation with one of our expert colour technicians. Book online or call 020 72409973 and ask one of our expert stylist on the right colour products for your hair.
The Giannasso Team x


GIANNASSO is celebrating not only the arrival of the festive season, but our latest award win at The London Hair & Beauty Awards. 2017.

We were honoured to be recognised for our make-up skills and took  home the Best Make-Up Artists award, fighting off stiff competition from salons and make-up artists across the capital.



Having this side of our successful business recognised has been hugely rewarding for our two resident make-up professionals, Sergio and Thassio.


sergio giannassosergio giannasso

And to celebrate, we’re brining back one of the most popular Giannasso packages just in time for the party season.



Our special night out package costs just £99 when booked between from Tuesday to Friday and includes beautiful make-up along with either a wash and blow dry or a hair up! The package costs £120 if booked on a Saturday.


Want to look glam in a hurry? Try our Glam me Up package. For just £69 you get your hair curled or straightened and a simple yet stunning make-up (hair must be clean upon arrival.)


So, as the party invites start to roll in, take the stress out of preparing for the big events and let us take care of your hair AND make-up needs. That leaves you free to focus on the frock and frolics!

Don’t forget, call now  to book in for our special night package. The £99 offer price (Tuesday-Friday) is ongoing.

Special Night Out Package from £99

Call Today 020 7240 9973


Luxury Products for Luxurious Hair


Oribe logo

New to our fabulous salon this season is the amazing Oribe range of products.


We’re thrilled to offer this range to our clients because  it is true to our salon ethos of combining natural ingredients with cutting edge technology.


All the range is paraben and sodium chloride free, has UV protection and can safely be used with colour and keratin treatments!  The products were created by celebrity stylist Oribe who, as one of the top hairdressers of all time, has been working in the industry for 30 years.


Using Oribe products, you’ll not only look good but you’ll smell great too! All the range is lightly scented with a specially commissioned French fragrance named Cote d’Azur.


The stunning packaging also caught Sergio’s eye and, so pretty are the colours and designs, that the last place you’ll want to keep your Oribe stash is hidden in a bathroom cabinet!


These products will take pride of place in your bathroom, make you look good and smell divine. What’s not to love?


Best of all, we’re celebrating the arrival of Oribe with a special introductory offer.**Book a luxury Oribe hair mask at the back wash for only £10, but if you then purchase any Oribe product to take home, the mask will be free!**


Call the salon on 020 72409973


 Oribe products


The Oribe Brand Story

Oribe Hair Care was founded by renowned editorial and celebrity hairstylist Oribe and beauty industry veterans Daniel Kaner and Tev Finger with the goal of creating a new kind of hair company, one that was designed with the most talented salon professionals and the most discriminating customers in mind. When developing the line, we didn’t want to compromise on any detail. We leveraged skin care technology and natural actives to deliver high-performance, treatment-based products—all while never forgetting that healthy hair is the underpinning for sexy, glamorous styling. Each product has been tested at length on set, backstage and in the salon to ensure that it delivers results, leaving us with a best-in-class collection that truly meets the needs of the hair-obsessed.


Daniel Kaner, Oribe Canales & Tev Finger



AS  winners of the 2017 British Hair and Beauty Awards Best Colour Technician category, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about great hair colour.


So when we put our name to a colour brand you can be sure it has something special to offer!


New to our salon are the Silky Range of colours and we love everything about them. We put some key questions to colour maestro, Sergio. And here’s what he had to say!


What makes Silky Colours so special?


Sergio: The range contains 92% natural botanical extracts which helps keep hair healthy and shiny.


Does the range include on-trend colours?


Sergio: All the colours are interchangeable to give you a full permanent and semi permanent range incorporating every single colour you could want from just 100 different tubes! The range makes every colourist feel like a real artist.


How will you be spreading the Silky word?


Sergio: We love the brand so much that we will be hosting colour training courses at Giannasso so that other industry professionals can discover the benefits of using Silky.


Find out more about the Silky range now by booking a free consultation with one of the Giannasso team!


silky logo



Voted Best Salon in London


At Giannasso we’re currently celebrating a record win & best salon at the recent British Hair and Beauty Awards!

We literally struck gold by being named Gold award winners in the London Hair Salon of the Year category and the London and East of England Colour Technician of the Year. We took the silver award in the London region for Hair Stylist of the Year.

For Sergio, the outstanding success across all areas of hairdressing is down to the whole team showing an on going commitment to the salon.

He said: “We achieved success across the board with these prestigious awards and it shows that we have an incredible level of talent and professionalism in every aspect of hairdressing.”

With a first class reputation for delivering quality colour, whether it be natural looking balayage or crazy creative colours, Sergio was thrilled to be named Colour Technician of the Year.

And with fashion still showcasing a whole range of hair colours from white and silver right through to on-trend rainbow shades, Giannasso is proud to now be using the amazing Silky range of colours.

Silky delivers outstanding, vibrant colour that add shine and ensure hair stays in tip top condition. So book your colour treatment now. We’re officially the best colourists in the capital using the best colours in town!

Best salon image


LATEST HAIR REVIEW by Blogger Becki Burrows @OhDearyme

You know what I can’t stand? Seeing a picture in a magazine – and thinking – ‘YES! THAT! That is an AMAZING style!’.
Cutting out a few examples.. taking them into a hairdressers full of hope and excitement. ‘I want that colour!’.
To receive a negative response.
‘Ohh. No. We can’t do that. That would take a while to get to that colour’. (hmm…can’t or can’t be bothered?)
‘Ok.. that’s ok!’ I usually reply despondently yet still with a bit of hope.
“Quite a long… long while.” the hairdresser usually adds.
“Plus your hair will probably break off or fall out and you’ll end up with a wig for the rest of your life”.
“Oh. Right..”.
Then I’m usually offered the colour book. And I’m shown the choice of browns. Dark brown. Or medium brown. Or! Maybe. I could go for a light brown.
It is at this point, that I sadly pick out a generic colour from the demonstration folder and succumb to what I like to call: STYLE CENSORSHIP. Folding up my magazine clippings forlornly.. sighing quietly to myself. oh Dear.

I walked in to Giannasso’s Hair & Beauty salon located in central London – Covent Garden and sat down in the chair to meet creative Director Sergio Giannasso. As I did.. I noticed the team all leaning in to listen. As I told him my hair desires and my struggles they all nodded in understanding. Perhaps that’s why they’re working here? I find myself pondering.
BEFORETWO“Perhaps a fringe?” Sergio suggests.
I look at him in horror and in a woeful and cringingly high voice reply with “I’ve just grown that out!”. Embarrassing.
“I want a bright colour though. Something creative. Different. Everytime I go in to a hairdressers on the high street they seem to just get you in and straight out – and nothing is different” I moan.
Sergio is peering at me and nods seemingly in understanding. He whisks out a gown and puts it around my neck.
“Well bella!” he declares. “We’re not like that here!” he says in a bold Italian accent, winking.
The team bustle around in an attempt to make me as comfortable as possible – Coffee? Tea? They smile.
Everyone is slightly on edge as London is on high alert, but getting on with things diligently.
I head downstairs. The studio has some good looking art displayed on the wall – giving it a warm, bright and happy feeling.
The colour team start to lather some Silky colour into my hair. Sergio has chosen a bright red.

“Right. Tiramisu Time!” Sergio declares. ‘Homemade!”
“Hasn’t it got alcohol in it?” I query. “Not this one!” he smiles! “it’s homemade!” he adds in again proudly. “Oh. Ok. Yes please then!”. A little of what you like an’ all that. And I’ve never tried Tiramisu so am not even sure if I like it. (I did). 
When it’s time to style, designer and Brazilian born Rob takes charge with the cutting and styling under Sergio’s direction. As he finished cutting and blowdrying he starts to curl my hair.
Oh my god. I think to myself. I hate my hair wavy (I have wavy hair). It reminds me of this time when I was 15 and had a bad homemade perm. And everyone at school took the p*ss for weeks. It looked awful.
I decide not to voice my concerns and to trust the Creative team. I close my eyes and try to relax.
I open my eyes tentatively. And look at myself in the mirror. ‘OH! Wow! I love it!’ I delightedly exclaim. Which I have never said out loud in a hairdressers before.
hair by sergio giannasso
I don’t do bad reviews on this blog. I’d rather just not say anything. So if anyone is featured on this blog it’s because I believe they are good. Exceptional. Etc.

A lady (a regular to the salon) who is having her hair styled smiles over at me. ‘It looks great’ she shouts happily. And she gives me a thumbs up.
‘Thank you!’ I give Sergio a big hug (something I usually never do either but he has that friendly Italian air about him).
“I told you! You would get what you want here!” he says.
‘You proved that statement right” I reply bluntly admiring my new curls. Different.
As I bounce out of the salon, I hear Sergio talking to a different client. ‘Tiramisu! he is urging her – homemade!’
And I smile to myself. A truly special salon.
For a positive experience.. I would definitely recommend a visit to Sergio’s hair team! Friendly (this is very important to me) creative, unique and artistic. They give the impression of caring about each individual client (and each other, which is nice to see) and for me customer service is important. I am definitely going back. If they let me back in!

A 5/5 experience. ‘Better than your average Joe’ as we sorta say here in England.

And on a different note. Did I tell you I met Louis Theroux yesterday? Picture HERE. My self hair styling was er.. not great..(it wasn’t planned! Ahem always be prepared an all that).. putting your work to shame Sergio!
Feel free to tweet Louis to urge him to er. Giz a job. I’m sure he’d love that. 😉
Next up on the blog! An interview with Sergio himself, Creative Director of Giannasso Hair & Beauty and tips on styling hair at home!
A short video diary of my life is here on Instagram:
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Right! Gotta go VOTE!
“Ciao for now” 😉
Be nice to each other.
Becki BXx
To see more of


More Beautiful treats at Giannasso in Covent Garden

A VISIT to Giannasso now means you could be leaving with more than just stunning hair and make-up thanks to the arrival of our super talented beauty therapist, Darshana.

Darshana has lots of experience and offers a full range of relaxing and beautifying treatments, so our central London salon can now offer a spa type experience.

Our beauty retreat at Giannasso is conveniently located with in the salon, but a million miles away from the hustle & bustle. Its a haven where you can take some time out, relax and enjoy being pampered.

Indulge yourself with gorgeous treatments and gentle pampering in our award winning hair & beauty salon. Whatever you’re looking for and however much time or little time you have, were sure you’ll find the perfect beauty solution for you. There are treatments for nails, brows and lashes as well as pedicures, waxing and facials.

Using the latest innovative treatments from the finest beauty brands, our beauty retreat is ideal for men & women. Our excellent customer service & reputation ensures its the perfect way to help you look and feel your very best. Why not combine hair & beauty together. Call our friendly team on 020 7240 9973

We’re proud to be working with some of the best beauty brands available including OPI, Shellac, Morgan Taylor, Nouveau Lashes, Ink London  and many more! So we can promise that you’ll receive the very best when it comes to quality and service. See our Beauty Retreat Price Guide 



Share the Love, not just on Valentines day

DID you know, a recent survey showed that women are dreading Valentine’s Day more than anything else!

So, at Giannasso, we have decided that everyone will feel the love this year with our special Valentine’s Day offer!  It’s also the perfect chance to spend some time with ANYONE you love.

Simply book a double appointment and come and visit with someone you love and you will both get 25% OFF any one treatment. You can either see the same stylist with back to back appointments or, book in with different team members so you have the same time slot!

Best of all, you can visit with anyone you love! So feel free to bring friends, partners, parents or siblings. We don’t care, as long as you love each other and want to spend some lovely pampering time together.

Leave the rest to us. We’ll ensure your visit is super special with Prosecco, chocolates and, best of all, our famous tiramisu which will have a special Valentine themed extra ingredient!

Book now! This fantastic offer will last for the whole month of February so don’t miss out.



Frizz! Don’t we just hate the F-Word!  We see lots of clients who love having the volume of thick coarse hair, but hate the frizz that can come with it!


Some smoothing or straightening treatments do combat frizz, but can leave hair flat and lack lustre. So at Giannasso we have launched a unique service that will smooth hair while keeping gorgeous bounce and volume!


Our LUXE Blow Dry is proving a hit with clients all year round. Hair that is prone to frizz hates damp, wet weather but equally, hitting the beach in summer as humidity soars, is just as traumatic!


Using fabulously nourishing ingredients such as Moroccan Oil and Keratin that moisturise and condition hair as well as smoothing the cuticle, our LUXE Blow Dry leaves hair looking better than ever.


It will last for up to 12 weeks and dramatically reduce styling time. We are currently offering our fab LUXE Blow Dry for just £99  – a saving of £41 – so book yours now!




DID you know that at Giannasso, we don’t just create the best party hair ever? We’re also experts in producing the most dazzling special occasion make-up!

So to really turn heads at this season’s parties, why not treat yourself to a professional make up from just £45? As a registered consultant for professional USA make-up brand Arbonne, Sergio has access to the very best products and make-up tools!

All great faces begin with primer and Sergio loves Arbonne primer but there are lots of great primers available on the high street.  If you are creating your own party face at home, always start with a primer.  Apply the product on freshly cleansed skin, before foundation for a really smooth base that will even out your skin tone and ensure your make up has real staying power!

When it comes to eyes, every professional’s hero product is liquid eyeliner in a black or dark brown shade. Sergio loves Kryolan eyeliner in black/brown which has a fine brush and is waterproof.

For lips that glisten and shine, Sergio favours his all time hero-product, Guerlains Terracotta 4 Season bronzing powder.  Add some of the powder to your lips, brush lightly with gloss and admire the glowing result! Don’t forget to pack the compact in your bag to give yourself an instant glow throughout the night!

Giannasso have some amazing packages on offer this Christmas to help you shine at any festive event:

GLAM ME NOW – Hair curled or straightened and basic make-up – £69

SPECIAL NIGHT OUT – Blow dry or hair up with make-up – £99

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