Short Hair and a Happy New You

Short Hair and a Happy New YouShort Hair and a Happy New YouShort Hair and a Happy New YouShort hair: I’ve always thought of short hair on women as very sexy and very flattering. To me it can make a woman totally stand out and show her confidence and independence. Just look at how many women cut their hair short after a break up! It becomes totally about beauty in its true form – not relying on the safety net of long hair. Whilst beautiful to look at, the current *desired image* of masses of hair and the Chelsea Blow Dry can require heavy upkeep and a lot of money.


Short Hair and a Happy New You

I sometimes feel that women are put off by short hair due to the strong geometric shapes that they assume all hairdressers love to cut. I may well be biased but I often look to Italian schools of hairdressing for inspiration, with short hair that’s full of soft texture and femininity. When I think of my Italian colleagues here, working in London, for example, I think of Aldo Copolla and Rosanno Feretti.





Short Hair and a Happy New YouShort Hair and a Happy New You

The one person who is currently trending short hair right now has to be Anne Hathaway. She is back on the big screens this month in the role of Fantine in the film epi Les Miserables. Having shaved her hair for the role, it’s now growing back and she is looking HOT. I’ve always appreciated Anne as totally beautiful and she seems to carry off any look with excess confidence and elegance. The short style hair cut is no exception.

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