Sporty hair – keeping it healthy and fit

Sporty hair - keeping it healthy and fitCongratulations to Rebecca Adlington and Lizzie Armitstead on their medal winning performances over the weekend.

For most of us who just about do our best to keep fit, we’ll watch and celebrate what these super-human individuals achieve over the next few days. But when it comes to hair care, we’ve a few helpful suggestions for EVERYONE during and after a workout. Roadtested of course by some of our fit friends next door at Gymbox.

Our hot tips for active, sporty hair. On your marks… 3-2-1

Hair care:

  1. Post work-out : shower then pop in a hair masque and go sit in the steam room for 10 minutes. This will allow extra penetration of the masque to the cortex.
  2. Short on time? Try Kerastase Elixir Ultime. Apply one pump through your hair as a pre shampoo treatment BEFORE your work-out. Make sure you buy the correct Ultime (there are four) for your specific hair type.
  3. Pool parties : if you swim regularly, use Kerastase Bain Soleil to remove harmful Chlorine build up in your hair.
  4. If you’d rather brave the English summer and step outside, wear a hat. It’s best to protect your hair from the elements.

Hair styles:

Here are a few easy to follow looks from Christine that will give you the edge in that Body Pump Class!

Short Hair

Comb hair into a sleek side parting using a little gel – wet look is in, as seen at the Chanel show last season

Medium Length Hair

Take a triangular section from the crown to the edge of each eyebrow and twist it away from the face, continue twisting and pin to the side, spray some dry shampoo through the rest for a gritty, lived in texture.

Long Hair.

Take a rectangular section across the top of the head and isolate.  Put remaining hair into a pony tail and secure with a snag-free elastic.  Twist the pony tail until it starts to move in on itself and secure with some strong hold pins. Brush the top section back away from your face, twist it around the base of the chignon and pin into place.