Hello Autumn! – Autumn Hair 2014

New season – new autumn hair looks!

As we bid a tearful farewell to the summer sun, we must embrace the autumn season and face the fact that soon, the only time you will see daylight will be through your office window.  All is not lost, however.  A new season means we can all look forward to new fashion trends and styles on the catwalk, and get inspired for a new Autumn hair look.


Beyonce Tousled beach hair wavesMermaid waves

This is one of the leading trends this fall. Despite summer coming to an end, the tousled hair beach look is still very much in. This style has been in fashion for many years, but is now more popular than ever.

Just take a look at Beyonce Knowles to see how it is done.



Audrey Tautou pixie hair cutPixie Perfect

If you don’t have long luxurious locks, then do not fear! Go for an angled bob or a pixie cut this autumn. The angled bob is a take on the long blunt cut we saw in fashion this summer. This dramatic cut looks great with a side parting and works best with straightened hair. And if you’re feeling really brave, go for the chop and get that edgy short pixie cut to really accentuate your cheekbones; just like Audrey Tatou!


Emma Stone autumn red hair colour side  partingColour me beautiful

The new season gives women the best excuse for a new look and what better way to get that ‘wow’ reaction from your mates than by changing your colour. Rich, fiery reds and warm browns are always a favourite during autumn. For a slightly edgier look, wear your highlighted locks centre or side parted to show a hint of root.

Emma Stone wears it perfectly and despite the vibrancy of the colour, comes off more natural-looking and super chic!

 Autumn pick-me-up

With our “delightful British weather”  it is incredibly important to remember to restore and protect your hair in order for it to look shiny and glossy no matter what the weather man says.  Invest in regular intensive treatment masks to keep it glossy and restore shine. To hold in colour, particularly blondes, use a weekly treatment masque treatment, which will also pro-long the effort you put into your salon visits.

Exposure to the sun and other elements during your summer break may have resulted in your hair starting to look dull and lifeless.  A quick way of restoring that gloss and shine in between colour top ups is semi/demi permanent colour treatment  Three great non-ammonia salon products we recommend this  are L’Oréal Chromative, L’Oréal Dia Light and L’Oréal Richesse.

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