Balayage: A Special Balayage Offer at our Covent Garden hair salon

EP OmbreAt our Covent Garden hair salon – Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-up we specialise in Balayage – the creative freehand technique that lifts hair gradually from root to tip with a unique, naturalistic effect. It takes talent and technique to master: we can vouch for that! More technical, more personal, more amazing…

You may have heard people mention balayage when they talk about freehand highlights, or ombre – the dip dye effect that graduates darker roots to lighter ends.
Ashley our stylist says: “For us, balayage is one of our signature services. We tailor it to suit each client, with unique results every time. We can create whatever you can imagine with this technique, to catch the movement of hair. I use it to differentiate curls or break up blocks of colour. It may take as few as five brush strokes and what you get is a much richer natural effect, no stripes. For you, it’s about what you want to achieve and how good the stylist is. The Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-up team is a confident one, able to see, capture and bring out the best in you.”

SamaraIf you’ve never had your hair coloured or highlighted before, balayage is a great way to give colours a road test. Not to mention the fact, balayage is considered kinder to your hair than foil highlights, and you can enjoy the natural look without the effects of regrowth.”


*There are three key balayage techniques:

The italian style “shatush” (created by Aldo Coppola) by where you backcomb and then apply freehand highlights that blend more on the ends.

“Ombre” – the dip dye effect.

“Classic American or Californian” where the colour brushstrokes can start even from the roots, and is geared more towards that sun-kissed look.

For more information, call Ashley at our Covent Garden hair salon and ask. T: 0207 240 9973.