Balayage – useful tips


We’ve received a lot of interested inquiries about balayage (see our previous entry). Curious, great minds think alike! As we thought: people are really out there, looking for that more bespoke, natural highlight effect.

EP Ombre
Balayage: Ombre.
Stylist Elvinas

So we had a moodboard session, asking whether ombre, the balayage technique of gradually lightening hair strands from darker roots to lighter tips, was just a trend? As soon as these new looks appear on staged reality tv shows (not mentioning any particular) they’re often “over” already.

But actually, we think “no!” There will always be demand. Balayage and ombre have quickly become part of the lexicon of hair. Because people will always want beautiful, wearable, striking and glossy hair.

Our advice with balayage is, keep it subtle. Senior Stylist Adam says: “Stay in tune with your skin tone. If your hair is short then limit the dark to light colour change. If it’s long, you can play with a wider colour spectrum.”

And think about the condition of your hair. Prepare it well for the colour process. Use Bain de Force (Kerastase) for example. Or book one of our Fusio-Dose treatments when you come in.

Well conditioned hair = richer tone and longer lasting colour = more gorgeous hair.

As a West End salon we’re aware of all sorts of on-trend, fashion-forward looks. We’re certain Britain is ahead of the pack. But we also look to Italy for the very best inspiration and techniques, and as a team under Creative Director Sergio Giannasso we have that Italian DNA in our blood, through our training (including freehand hair painting skills), sense of style and education on hair.

If you want to do some picture research before your next balayage appointment, get yourselves on twitter or instagram and type in a few hashtags #hair #haircolour #balayage #ombre. See what you get back. And feel free to retweet to us or share on Facebook – so we know exactly what you’re looking for when you come in.

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