Balayage – freehand highlights without foils

As any top Italian hairdressers worth their scissors will tell you, to properly master the technique and art of balayage – freehand, foil-free highlights – takes years. At Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-up, we can vouch for that!

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And it’s due mostly to the stylish French and Italians (plus a sprinkling of beauty editors and leading Hollywood filmstars) that balayage is becoming so popular worldwide.

As a team of professional stylists trained in Italy / by Italians / for Italians, we consider balayage as one of our signature services.


Balayage 01Balayage 03Senior stylist Adam Bennett says: “It’s more personal and technical. You need to understand the process, how the colours oxidise, their consistency, the placement and brush strokes, as well as how the hair naturally falls. That’s how to achieve the results you really want.”

We would recommend balayage as the perfect way to enhance natural colours, whether you are blonde or brunette. It can accentuate curls beautifully. And if you‘ve never tried colour in a salon before, this may be the right service for you.

The technique gives a softer, more seamless colour lift that grows out naturally and is easier to maintain. Just pop in for a gloss service in between appointments, and we can keep your hair sparkling for weeks.

Dip Dye using BalayageOr, if you prefer, think crazy dramatic dip-dyed looks with the most amazing range of pinks, purples, blues and yellows.

Our commitment at Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-up is always to get the best results. That’s why we’ve been roadtesting a range of balayage brushes.

You know what? The best brushes, in our opinion, sell just around the corner at our local art shop!

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