Beards : Attractive and Sexy or Not For Me?

Johnny HarringtonHave you noticed the rising number of young gents sporting beards at the moment?

John Lewis certainly has. Hirsute model Johnny Harrington is the unmistakable face fronting its latest menswear campaign.

Matthew McCormack, John Lewis’s  buying director, describes this look as a little deconstructed, kind of smart and with a great sense of style. “A hard-working, everyday-hero kind of  bloke.’

And he’s not the only one to think so.

Vivienne Westwood 2
Ricky Hall

Vivienne Westwood made heavily frosted beards a feature of her rugged, mountaineering 2012 menswear look during Milan Fashion Week.

While another bearded model – Ricky Hall – has never been busier. An obvious choice for the latest marketing campaign from men’s barbers Murdok.

Beard BeanieAnd for those of us who can’t grow a beard, there’s even a beard beanie on the market. One for you, ladies!!!

We think there’s an unmistakeable trend in style right now and we’re wondering why! A reflection of our times? More freedom to be relaxed? More of us who’d normally shave for work now working from home? Is time so precious we’ve surrendered our morning shave? Have costume dramas (Downton Abbey) engendered new social aspirations to be Edwardian-style English country gents!


Kitoko oilThe Cool FixWhat we would say to anybody with a beard, and for the sake of those closest to you, is GROOM IT! Beards have their needs, you know. And don’t be surprised if your beard is different to the colour of your hair…   ‘cos that often happens.

This is where our service is second to none. Adam – our fully bearded Senior Stylist – says beards need to be combed, conditioned, softened. Book your beard appointment and we’ll advise and style yours to best match the shape of your face. We’d strongly recommend our popular Kitoko oil (portable size £5.99) as the perfect conditioner. And for the right products to apply on skin around the beard, we suggest The Cool Fix.

Best case scenario. Research says beards keep your skin looking fresher, reduce the signs of ageing, protect from the damaging effects of the natural elements. Hmmm. maybe we all should grow one!

Worst case. Kissing becomes a meal / facial scrub and you’re reminded of some Victorian granddad.

What do you think? More importantly girls, do you find beards attractive?