Going platinum blonde? Bleaching hair the safest way

Going platinum blonde? Bleaching hair the safest wayIf you’re thinking of switching your naturally darker hair to a light / platinum blonde our advice is “Come see us first!” Bleaching hair is one of those big decisions you want to take with care and at Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-up you have a ready team of experts who can talk you through the options.

Bleach is a chemical made of peroxides, ammonias, and lightening agents that actively remove the pigment melanin from the hair shaft. This process is permanent, and your hair will have to grow out in order to return to its natural colour. The process can also stress hair and make it quite wiry, losing its natural silkiness.

We say:

If you prefer your hair to be short, it tends to be in a better natural condition prior to any colour process, and is therefore easier to maintain once bleached.

If your hair is longer, we highly recommend combining the bleach process with a very, very good conditioning treatment, to be applied afterwards, that will bring the hair’s natural softness back again. We have a Luxe Blow-dry service that does exactly this.

Once bleached, we also strongly advise you come in every four to five weeks for a bleach retouch, to retain that overall platinum effect.

Elvinas Close upAt Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-up we consider the consultation stage vital to getting the best results for our clients. Everybody’s hair is different so there is no one size fits all when it comes to the bleach formulas used.

We also have our stylist Elvinas (who has regularly bleached his hair for the past year) on hand and loaded with valuable first-hand knowledge of the bleaching process, the likely results and life in general as a platinum blond!

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