Blondes vs Brunettes: Who wins?

The blondes vs brunettes battle is an age old one, and one that will probably always be contested.

The old adage is that blondes have more fun, and the perception is that they are more attractive and more approachable than brunettes, with studies showing that they earn 7% more than their raven-haired sisters. On the other hand, brunettes are deemed more intelligent, worldly, and ‘marriageable’  than their fun-loving counterparts. (see infographic below)

So who really wins in the hair colour stakes, and what should you consider (in addition, of course, to consulting with a trusted professional hair salon colourist) before taking the plunge and doing a Marilyn or a Kim K?

Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Miranda Kerr, have all taken the plunge at some point
Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Miranda Kerr, have all taken the plunge at some point

This fabulous infographic created by Cool Blades offers some facts and useful tips to help you make your mind up.

infographic blondes vs brunettes

Ofcourse, you may want to wade in more cautiously and start with a few highlights or a subtle balayage colour. Contact Sergio and let him and his team of colour experts advise you

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