Why Blow-dry or Style your Hair?

Ever wondered why it’s important to blow-dry / style your hair? If the wave of blow-dry bars popping up around London is any indicator to go by, then the answer is ‘very’! Finally, London seems to be picking up on a culture that the rest of Europe adopted years ago.

In Italy or Spain, it matters. No self-respecting donna would be seen nipping out to buy a pint of milk without first making sure her hair looked impeccable. And even if she doesn’t have a lot of cash to splash she’ll still get her hair washed and styled once a week, by a professional hairdresser.

Many young continentals move here to escape this custom to look perfect. As Londoners we tend to be less extravagant with our looks, more sloppy about our upkeep, creative in other ways. Until now….

For less than a price of a bottle of wine in a London West End or City bar, you can catwalk around with super chic hair. If you’re a gent, a little bit of MUK styling product in your hair and you’re on the cover of GQ magazine. The times are changing visit our london hair salon.

Personally, I think the recession has had a lot to do with this trend. People just don’t have as much money as they used to and this is affecting every part of our lives. We’re no longer spending on the extravagant holidays or splashing out on that new car. BUT we do still want to look and, more importantly, feel a million dollars… something a 40 min hair make-over can do.

Why Blow-dry or Style your Hair?Why Blow-dry or Style your Hair?So whether it’s the classic big and bouncy Cheryl Cole style or an uber cool Charlize Theron chignon you’re after, take full advantage of our £22.50 walk-in offer and treat yourself to feeling amazing visit us now at our covent garden hair salon. For booked appointments, blow-dry prices start at £28.

Jack Ball, Stylist with Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-up

FOOTNOTE: Jack is available for amazing blow-dries Tuesdays to Saturdays. Call 0207 240 9973 to book now.