Go Bronde: Everyone’s Loving The Bronde Hair Colour Trend

This season’s biggest hair trend taking 2015 by storm has nothing to do with ombre or fluorescent and neon splashes of colour. It’s not blonde, and not quite brunette – this year, it is all about bronde hair! Jennifer Lopez is one of the most longstanding bronde celebs and has absolutely perfected this look. Despite J-Lo sporting this look for years, it is only now that this hair colour trend is finally making waves and growing in popularity. As shown by J-Lo, bronde is all about subtlety. The bronde hair colour trend is for everyone as it wearable, it can be tailored to suit each individual’s skin tone and it is a low maintenance yet incredibly flattering colour. Finally there is a fashion trend that is not just for 18 year olds!

Go Bronde: Everyone's Loving The Bronde Hair Colour Trend

The key to achieving bronde hair is to have lots of your natural base colour showing through, so ask your hair stylist for a consultation. Make sure your colourist takes the time to find the right highlights that are not that much lighter than your natural shade. This way, the end result will be sure to suit your eye and skin tone. A good quality hair stylist will be able to enhance your features, making sure the most complimentary shade is placed around your face. Style icon Cara Delevingne shows us how to nail the look!

Going bronde is best achieved via bayalage. Bayalage is a process of free-painting highlights on the hair, rather than using traditional foils which results in a more natural, breezy effect. Another top supermodel that is fully in favour of the bronde trend is Suki Waterhouse. As her skin tone is much lighter and her natural hair is already a dark blonde, she is able to go much lighter with her shading yet still achieve that subtly, beachy look.

On the other hand celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Beyonce, who have darker skin tones and are natural brunettes, have the option to incorporate more caramel and darker blonde shades. As shown by Jessica and Beyonce, bronde is a multidimensional hue and by adapting your shading, anyone can achieve a subtle, bespoke look that enhances your individual features.









If you want a subtle yet sophisticated look to keep you feeling beachy (yes, we’re all trying to hang on to summer)  then bronde hair is the perfect choice for you. Just don’t forget to care for your hair and use the right products to protect it from the elements. And remember; consult a professional colourist to help make sure that your style is tailored to suit you!

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