Get Inspired: The Latest Post-Lockdown Hair Makeovers

Get The Look: Post-Lockdown Hair Trends at Giannasso Hair & Beauty Salon in Covent Garden

For many of us, lockdown left us planning our next hairstyle for a very, long, time. After months of dull and lifeless hair, you definitely deserve a new style which will restore your hair to its former glory, or make it even better!

Since reopening our salon, we’ve noticed a lot of people requesting “new hair for a new me”. Whether you’re ready to chop your overgrown lockdown locks or are looking to try a brand new hair colour, here are a few ideas to help wake your hair up with a new look for the new era!

Brunette Babe

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Blonde Bombshell

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Roots Rescue

Image 5

Time For The Chop!
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