Giving your blonde the X-Factor

Giving your blonde the X-FactorGiving your blonde the X-FactorGiving your blonde the X-Factor







I’m noticing a lot more blonde than usual for this time of year. Are we missing that summer feelin’ already?

If you’re thinking of going blonde yourself, come and see us at our top hair salon in covent garden. You really need to get some good advice from a great team who know their colours and products first.

Celebrity Tulisa Contastavlos may be loving her new barbie look but it’s hard to tell who’s the judge right now. Here on X Factor? Or the wider public posting opinions online? Personally, I prefer a softer, less blocky blonde. Maybe she’s trying to look a little older, given she’s only 23.

Natalie Portman’s blonde is very different but is this really her or for her next movie? Rihanna… you can never tell from one day to the next if it’s a wig or for real!

Giving your blonde the X-Factor

Elisabeth Moss and Michelle Williams on the other hand both look absolutely stunning.

I would not recommend trying to go blonde at home. It’s a dramatic change; you’re depigmenting your hair which is a delicate process. You can break or discolour it and end up with brassy or khaki colours that look better under a hat (mexican sombrero size).

If you’d rather try on a blonde wig first then come in and try ours. We’ll sit you in front of a mirror, experiment, talk about skin tone and analyse your hair at the same time.

For our clients, it always starts with a lengthy consultation, a look at your hair’s condition and a browse together through our style book. I prefer to approach blonde in stages, placing panels through the hair so you can see and decide for yourself if you like that effect. Some clients prefer to stay at that stage. If you want to go for the full blonde, we first test the hair before using carefully chosen products (including AFFINAGE ERASE) to de-pigment your hair colour as far as your hair can take. It may yet involve more than one stage: it all depends on the blonde you want or how dark your colour was previously. Red and black are the most difficult to convert.

There are a million shades of blonde out there so it’s important you pick out the right one. As a make-up artist I will also recommend what kind of cosmetics you’d wear once you’ve reached your blonde-ness, as this too will need a bit of a rethink.

Call one of our skilled hair stylists today and book a consultation at our hair salon covent graden. We’re here to help.

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