Hair Extensions 101 – Points to Consider!

Hair extensions are a great way to change your look and keep up with the latest celebrity trends. They provide more volume, more length, more play on colour, or simply more texture to your hair. There are, however, some important points to consider before making your decision…

Points to Consider!

Hair Extension TLC

It is important to look after your extensions so that they last. In general the important thing is to be gentle when washing, drying and brushing your extensions. Good quality extensions are comfortable enough to sleep on, though for extra TLC, put your hair in a loose braid before bedtime so that your extensions do not get tangled while you sleep. When brushing, hold the extension at the root and begin detangling at the ends. You can also buy special brushes that are gentler to the hair to avoid any strands falling out.


Giannasso Hair and Beauty extensions Gallery-After-2A perfect match

It’s important to match the colour and texture of the extensions with your natural hair. If the colour match is off, your extensions will be very obvious. Great Lengths offers over 55 hair colours and textures to suit all hair types! But as well as a great product – an experienced stylist is a must, to make sure that the cut and length of the hair extensions, suit you as an individual.

At work, and at play

It is also important to consider their fit with your lifestyle. If you are very sporty then hair extensions might simply get in the way. The same goes for those of you with young children. Of course, the choice is yours but it may prove difficult to maintain and look after your hair extensions if your young children are pulling at them! Hair extensions, particularly coloured extensions, may not always be work appropriate. If you have an active job or need to adopt a certain image for your work life, the colour and length of your extensions are things to consider.


1 kylie-jenner-at-kylie-hair-kouture-launch-in-beverly-hills_1Choose wisely

Hair extensions aren’t just a celebrity trend. We are official partners with Great Lengths, a world leader in quality hair extensions. Their products, combined with our expertise, can give you styles you’ve maybe dreamed of but thought you’d never have, at affordable costs. Hair extensions are a great way to enhance your natural beauty and experiment with a new style or colour. Get inspired by our hair extension style gallery; be adventurous with it but get advice first on the style you choose as well as after care. Contact us for a free consultation today!