Hair to Impress for the job interview season

Hair to Impress for the job interview seasonInterview season starts next month… When it comes to hair your choice of style really depends on the career path you’ve chosen. But unless you’re interviewing as an onscreen stand-in for Russell Brand there are some universal truths out there. You want your interviewers to see your face, to be able to make eye contact, to get the impression that you are organised, confident and together.

Our advice is : go smart, go simple – smooth, shiny and elegant. There’s no hard and fast rule as to whether you should wear your hair up or down. Just definitely DON’T turn up with poker straight hair or a massive bouncy blow–dry a la TOWIE.

If you can come in for a blow-dry in the morning then go for it (we offer extra early appointments on request and can also arrange for your breakfast and a car to take you to your interview to keep you focused on the important things). If not, try to have one the day before and refresh it with dry shampoo or hair powder in the morning. If you have massive roots but are struggling to make time for that full head of highlights, just try a hairline of lights instead – foil or freehand. This will give a nice lift and won’t take longer than an hour including the blow dry.

Hair to Impress for the job interview seasonFor gentlemen, we’d suggest you get your hair cut a week before the job interview to give it a little “settling” time. On the day, don’t over-use your hair product, apply a little on dry hair and keep it looking smart. (we love MUK by the way). Check your visible neck as well; clean-shaven says a lot about you. ie: “you may never get to see the back of your neck BUT it matters to you that others can” equals “taking care of business”. Give us a shout before your next interview – one of us can give your neck a quick tidy with the electric razer. We take care with sensitive skin, it only takes a few minutes and you’ll feel fresher and better prepared.

Hair is such a huge aspect of people’s appearances, it can make a big difference in those opening first few moments. So it’s great to be prepared. You know how good you are! Show them:)

SG and the team.