The best salon hair treatments


Three fast, effective hair treatments that we do at Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-up, to create amazing hair! All you do is sit back in our comfortable chairs, close your eyes to the music and conversation, and let us work their magic.



Fiberceutic (botox for hair): This formula contains molecules that target and attach themselves to areas where the keratin – the protein which makes up hair fibres – is damaged. The molecules set to, penetrating the hair sheaf to seal gaps and breakages. Result: soother, stronger and thicker for longer. This has been a very popular hit with our clients. Price £15.




Cristalceutic: This is the treatment for enhancing and protecting colour radiance for up to six weeks. It ensures your colours stay fresh and shiny by trapping colour molecules inside the hair fibre. It is also a home care treatment so you can extend your colour lifetime even further. Comes in boxes of six doses – recommended two per week. The in-salon treatment is £15.






Volumetry (72 hour volume boost): Softens and detangles, while boosting volume from the root. This treatment is ideal for transforming fine and flat hair into a more glamorous full and bouncy look that lasts. At Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-up, we’re famous for our blow-dries and we love this product! Price £15.







In combination with any of the above, we recommend the Densitive vitamin supplements from Kerastase, for re-densifying, faster hair growth. These contain taurine: an amino acid that accumulates in the hair bulb to help maintain its stability: also, nutritional Green Tea and Grape Seed Polyphenols. And Zinc for production of keratin. Price £22.