Haircuts for Autumn/Winter 2015

Hello Autumn!

While some may be missing the summer sunshine, for us, a new season brings with it a chance to try a whole new look. What Well, what better way change things up with a fresh haircut?
As usual, when it comes to sporting the latest haircut trends, celebrities lead the way. From long layers, razored ends or and the newest take on the pixie, there’s a look to suit every face shape. Here are some looks your favourite A- listers are wearing to inspire you.


The Pixie

We all love the classic pixie, but this season, why not switch it up a little? The Edgy Pixie favoured by Kristen Stewart is both feminine and rebellious. Bring out the rock chick in you with shaved sides, spikes or lots of texture. The Mixie (mid-length Pixie) favoured by Kate Mara is perfect for those with finer hair which is straight or slightly wavy. Request razored ends to give it a much softer look. If you’re feeling bolder, try the Long Pixie a la Michelle Williams. This one is not a wash and go kind of hairstyle as it needs a fair amount of maintenance and products, however, it is versatile and can be smooth, messy or gritty.

The Bob

This autumn we’re loving Rachel McAdams’ statement Bob – perfect for when you’re starting a new phase in your life . With this style, it’s all about the hair cutting technique and managing density, or you risk looking like a mushroom!

If you prefer something a little softer and with more movement, go for a Structure Soft Bob as worn by Olivia Munn. If your hair is ultra-fine, add texturizing products to achieve a fuller look.

The Curly A-Line Lob is a fabulous variant on the lob (long bob). This is basically a bob that has grown out so it is for mid-length hair, cut so that the front is longer than the back. For this style the right cut and the right products are key in preventing your becoming a fuzzy mess, so never skimp on either one . Selena Gomez absolutely rocks this look!

The Shag

The New Shag is similar in length to the lob but it is more edgy and textured When well cut, the layers will fall well, or you can style it with your fingers, but it doesn’t need time-consuming conventional styling. This style works well on all hair types and looks great on Taylor Swift, however, the denser the hair the better it looks. Depending on how it is cut and razored, this haircut can be styled to suit you and your looks and it is a great style if you like wearing hats.

If you want to retain length go for the Long Soft Shag like Jennifer Lopez has. This cut is very versatile as you can have it straight, wavy or curly, but your stylist needs to know how and where to remove some of the weight and still keep it looking full and having movement. It is quite high maintenance to make it look completely natural.

If you’re not a fan of layers, the Blunt Midi is the one to go for. This cut suits an oval face best, and as the name suggests, it is blunt cut. We love how Kendall Jenner wears hers.

Whatever length of hair you have or want to have, and whatever style you have chosen for yourself, regular visit to your salon to keep it in shape and good condition are a must. A new style can give you a real boost or even a new lease of life and if you need to change your mood, go for a new haircut.

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