LATEST HAIR REVIEW by Blogger Becki Burrows @OhDearyme

You know what I can’t stand? Seeing a picture in a magazine – and thinking – ‘YES! THAT! That is an AMAZING style!’.
Cutting out a few examples.. taking them into a hairdressers full of hope and excitement. ‘I want that colour!’.
To receive a negative response.
‘Ohh. No. We can’t do that. That would take a while to get to that colour’. (hmm…can’t or can’t be bothered?)
‘Ok.. that’s ok!’ I usually reply despondently yet still with a bit of hope.
“Quite a long… long while.” the hairdresser usually adds.
“Plus your hair will probably break off or fall out and you’ll end up with a wig for the rest of your life”.
“Oh. Right..”.
Then I’m usually offered the colour book. And I’m shown the choice of browns. Dark brown. Or medium brown. Or! Maybe. I could go for a light brown.
It is at this point, that I sadly pick out a generic colour from the demonstration folder and succumb to what I like to call: STYLE CENSORSHIP. Folding up my magazine clippings forlornly.. sighing quietly to myself. oh Dear.
LATEST HAIR REVIEW by Blogger Becki Burrows @OhDearyme
I walked in to Giannasso’s Hair & Beauty salon located in central London – Covent Garden and sat down in the chair to meet creative Director Sergio Giannasso. As I did.. I noticed the team all leaning in to listen. As I told him my hair desires and my struggles they all nodded in understanding. Perhaps that’s why they’re working here? I find myself pondering.
BEFORETWO“Perhaps a fringe?” Sergio suggests.
I look at him in horror and in a woeful and cringingly high voice reply with “I’ve just grown that out!”. Embarrassing.
“I want a bright colour though. Something creative. Different. Everytime I go in to a hairdressers on the high street they seem to just get you in and straight out – and nothing is different” I moan.
Sergio is peering at me and nods seemingly in understanding. He whisks out a gown and puts it around my neck.
“Well bella!” he declares. “We’re not like that here!” he says in a bold Italian accent, winking.
The team bustle around in an attempt to make me as comfortable as possible – Coffee? Tea? They smile.
Everyone is slightly on edge as London is on high alert, but getting on with things diligently.
I head downstairs. The studio has some good looking art displayed on the wall – giving it a warm, bright and happy feeling.
The colour team start to lather some Silky colour into my hair. Sergio has chosen a bright red.
LATEST HAIR REVIEW by Blogger Becki Burrows @OhDearyme
“Right. Tiramisu Time!” Sergio declares. ‘Homemade!”
“Hasn’t it got alcohol in it?” I query. “Not this one!” he smiles! “it’s homemade!” he adds in again proudly. “Oh. Ok. Yes please then!”. A little of what you like an’ all that. And I’ve never tried Tiramisu so am not even sure if I like it. (I did). LATEST HAIR REVIEW by Blogger Becki Burrows @OhDearyme
When it’s time to style, designer and Brazilian born Rob takes charge with the cutting and styling under Sergio’s direction. As he finished cutting and blowdrying he starts to curl my hair.
Oh my god. I think to myself. I hate my hair wavy (I have wavy hair). It reminds me of this time when I was 15 and had a bad homemade perm. And everyone at school took the p*ss for weeks. It looked awful.
I decide not to voice my concerns and to trust the Creative team. I close my eyes and try to relax.
I open my eyes tentatively. And look at myself in the mirror. ‘OH! Wow! I love it!’ I delightedly exclaim. Which I have never said out loud in a hairdressers before.
hair by sergio giannasso
I don’t do bad reviews on this blog. I’d rather just not say anything. So if anyone is featured on this blog it’s because I believe they are good. Exceptional. Etc.
LATEST HAIR REVIEW by Blogger Becki Burrows @OhDearyme
A lady (a regular to the salon) who is having her hair styled smiles over at me. ‘It looks great’ she shouts happily. And she gives me a thumbs up.
‘Thank you!’ I give Sergio a big hug (something I usually never do either but he has that friendly Italian air about him).
“I told you! You would get what you want here!” he says.
‘You proved that statement right” I reply bluntly admiring my new curls. Different.
As I bounce out of the salon, I hear Sergio talking to a different client. ‘Tiramisu! he is urging her – homemade!’
And I smile to myself. A truly special salon.
For a positive experience.. I would definitely recommend a visit to Sergio’s hair team! Friendly (this is very important to me) creative, unique and artistic. They give the impression of caring about each individual client (and each other, which is nice to see) and for me customer service is important. I am definitely going back. If they let me back in!
LATEST HAIR REVIEW by Blogger Becki Burrows @OhDearyme
LATEST HAIR REVIEW by Blogger Becki Burrows @OhDearyme
A 5/5 experience. ‘Better than your average Joe’ as we sorta say here in England.
LATEST HAIR REVIEW by Blogger Becki Burrows @OhDearyme
And on a different note. Did I tell you I met Louis Theroux yesterday? Picture HERE. My self hair styling was er.. not great..(it wasn’t planned! Ahem always be prepared an all that).. putting your work to shame Sergio!
Feel free to tweet Louis to urge him to er. Giz a job. I’m sure he’d love that. ?
Next up on the blog! An interview with Sergio himself, Creative Director of Giannasso Hair & Beauty and tips on styling hair at home!
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