Lets hear it for the men!

RIGHT now men’s hair is rivalling the girls when it comes to high fashion  and cool styles with hipsters keen to have the latest tresses.

At Giannasso, keeping up with trends is vital to our business so Sergio recently completed a fabulous two day men’s  hair course at the world renowned L’Oreal Academy in London.

Under the watchful eye of legendary barber, Sheriff Mehmet of Envy Barbers and his right hand man, Demetris Pavlou. Sergio perfected his classic barbering techniques including blending, fading and tapering.

For Sergio, the barbering skills he has now acquired can be used together with his vast knowledge of men’s styling to create new and exciting looks for his clients!

In fact, so impressed was Sergio by the artistry of these great barbers that he plans to send EVERY member of the team to undertake some training with Sheriff, who has a barbershop in Covent Garden, close to Giannasso!

So, what’s hot right now for guys?  With temperatures in the capital rising shorter cuts are leading the way. If you’ve got natural curl, why not go for a longer natural wave at the front, a temple fade worn with beards which still remain popular.

For more ideas, call in and chat to one of team. And, don’t forget, lots of our professional products are perfect for men and make styling easier than ever.


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