One amazing review….

We came across this online review by chance, this morning. A huge thank you to the customer….

Visited Dec 2011 : I always had a very bad vue of hair extensions because you see daily in the media how false and cheap they can look. I had a hair colouring accident years ago and have not been able to let my hair down since as it is regrowing and an uneven funny length. Every single day I used to spend 2hours+ on a voloumised up do , to conceal any problems. After years of having to do this and it being an essential part of my daily routine , it got to the stage that it was just to tiresome and I told myself it was time for a change. I decided to search on wahanda for somewhere reputable to get my extensions done. After looking at Sergio Giannasso’s and Marcio Soares’s website ( there is a link on Sergio Giannasso’s website for Marcio’s one ), the before and after pictures looked so amazing I just had to give it a go. The owner Sergio Giannasso got Marcio Soares, the salon’s hair extension expert, to call me straight away to discuss all my needs .

He answered every awkward, random question I had with ease, and cleared my head from any extension stereotypes that I had in the back of my mind. I was not made to wait ages to have them done , he worked around me and both our busy schedules. I was very nervous on what the outcome was going to be, but it has to be said that without a shadow of a doubt, it has been the best thing I have ever paid for in my entire life!!! Marcio is an absolute perfectionist and matched the colour and the lengths beautifully. My hair looks unbelievably natural!! People and friends of mine thought I had let my hair down for the first time , it did not resemble hair extensions at all!!

The amount of compliments I have got since are just never ending! I used to always think that to get the hair extensions the stars wear you would need to fork out extortionate sums of money ,(although if you would like length as well as volume ,you will need to spend more than £350, but it’s best to just give the salon a call and Mario will be able to guide you through exactly what you will be needing and what you wont be needing , depending on what look/style you are seeking ), but I can honestly say these are even better and in a totally different league to anyone’s I have ever seen before ( I used to hang around all the top salons in Knightsbridge and the west end so I know what I am talking about!) . Definitely 100 times better than the ones you see on all the main celebrities, I never thought that this was remotely possible especially at a fraction of the price to what they pay for theirs!

Now I have gorgeous lushous locks for the first time in years and this is all thanks to the expertise of Marcio Soares!! The salon has such a friendly, non commercial, happy feel about it, I cannot wait to return for my 2nd visit! They are not at all money orientated and will always be 200 percent honest with you and with what your hair genuinely needs! I will never be letting anyone else near my hair extensions which is why i had to write this long review to help and guide every one considering hair extensions in the right direction and directly to Marcio Soares himself!!