Our survey says… here’s what you wrote

Thanks to all 57 of you who completed our feedback survey. Overall, we were thrilled with what you said – with over 80% of you saying you got a better treatment (service, cut, colour, made to feel special) than at any other salon you’d been to. But of course, we wanted to know how we could improve, so that’s what we’ve focussed on here. I hope you feel we’ve listened. And keep those comments coming – without you, we’d be… well, we wouldn’t be here!

Here’s what you said:

How often you visit:
25% of you come every six weeks, with half of you come every 3 months, with quite a few of you feeling the pinch and stretching out your visits compared to 2 years ago.

How satisfied are you with the quality of our services?
We’re thrilled to say that we had great feedback on the staff treatment, the consultation, and how we listened to your needs. 80% of you say we rate better than other salons you’ve visited.

What would you change – and how have we listened?

You said: You’d like student discounts
We said: We’ve now introduced special student rates Mon-Wed

You said: You’d like lower prices on colours
We said: We’ve introduced a 10% discount for all of you who LIKE us on Facebook, and we’ll cut your bill by 20% every time you recommend us to someone who books in.

You said: You’d like special offers for being loyal
We said: Sign up to our newsletter for news on exclusive deals, just for our customers. We’ve also negotiated exclusive rates for our customers at the W hotel Spa.

You said: Upstairs can get a bit too cold sometimes.
We said: We’ve got some new heaters!

You said: Downstairs a little dark.
We said: Fair enough.. and we redecorated and installed a couple more spotlights.

You said: Quieter music please!
We said: Understood. Maybe we got carried away at some point! However, even if our DJ skills are basic we do know where the volume dial is, so everybody has been told to be MORE AWARE!

You said: Better reading materials.
We said: Tell us what you’d like to read!

You said: Better communication over the phone.
We said: We have 4 languages in the salon, so that’s a bit of a challenge… but we’ve introduced text reminders for your appointments, and we trialled a new Front of House before Christmas who we thought was fantastic. Let us know what you think.

You said: How about some manicures?
We said: We did try this, but the lady was often twiddling her thumbs… so we’ve got a different solution, through our exclusive offers for you at the spa at the W hotel – at special prices. Just a stone’s throw from the salon