Pastels – this season’s hottest new hair colour trend!

Wearing pastel colours may seem like old news, but now celebrities have started wearing the spring/summer seasons’ hottest colour palettes in their hair rather than their wardobes! Whether you’re heading to carnival or a festival this summer, or you simply fancy a change – why not get in the spirit and experiment with colour.

Pastels – this season’s hottest new hair colour trend!

Kylie Jenner

Pink, lilac and aquamarine green are all popular pastel colours, but Kylie Jenner is taking centre stage as she sends Instagram into a tizz with her new ice blue mermaid  look. She has experimented with extensions in the past, given she has her own line of them, but she has now braved the new pastel trend … and we love it!

Jourdan Dunn

Lilac is another popular hair colour in the pastel palette, as model Jourdan Dunn proves with her flawless new look. For those of you like Jourdan who have naturally dark hair; opting for a pastel colour will require extensive bleaching so make sure to seek out a professional hair colourist. It is important that they also have experience with more creative colour, so you can feel confident in achieving your desired results.

Aftercare is incredibly important when dying and bleaching your hair. We recommend *Redken Extreme to boost your hairs shine and softness, and *Kerastese Climente Thermique to strengthen the feel of damaged, brittle hair.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is renowned for playing with hair colour and hair dye, and has tried out just about every shade under the sun. So much so that it is rare to see her with her naturally dark brown hair! If, like Katy Perry, you are brave enough to experiment with your hair, why just settle on one colour? Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Lily Allen and model Chloe Nørgaard have all opted for a multi-colour look that is perfect for a rock & roll style.

Lauren Conrad

Pastels can be a bold look, so if you are not ready to brave a whole bottle of hair dye, you can opt for bayalage, extensions or you can just dip-dye colour the tips of your hair like Lauren Conrad. If you don’t want a permanent change but still want to try the pastel trend, why not use pastel coloured hair chalks. Hair chalking is a quick and simple way to get pastel colours in your hair and only lasts for about a week, so there is no excuse not to get on board with the latest hair trend!

Pastel Hair Tips

  1. Go professional – make sure your hair is carried out by a professional colour specialist after a thorough hair analysis during a consultation.
  2. Your natural colour (especially if dark) will need to be bleached/lifted first before the pastel dye is applied.
  3. Once the color is lifted youcan have fun with it – experiment with different techniques (balayage/ombre) or different colours.
  4. Aftercare is key. We recomend the Redkem Extreme range of products to  restores strength to distressed hair. Another fantastc product is Keratase’s Cimente Thermique to repair and protect from heat and other stresses.


Pastels can suit just about any skin tone and face shape and is definitely the hottest hair colour trend this season, so why not make an appointment with one of our L’Oreal Colour Specialists today.