Regal hair (& hats)

Regal hair (& hats)To turn out this well, day after day, for so many years… you should probably book time with us first thing every morning. Well OK… you’re probably too busy. But you’d still like to look a little majestic most of the time, no…?

Regal hair (& hats)So we recommend instead L’Oreal’s fibreceutic: if possible every 15 days. Ideal for all hair types, for volume and strength… perfect for supporting that hand-me-down tiara. And then there’s the O ( This is the latest technology for heated rollers to give you bouncy, glamorous hair that lasts. We love it. Happy Jubilee your Majesty!

Regal hair (& hats)…talking of royal occasions… there is a show going on next door this month (June 2012) at the St Martin’s Lane Hotel. Milliner Piers Atkinson ( is showcasing some gorgeous hats, berets and fascinators, including this one… perfect for your own little regal occasion.