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It was all about Kate Middleton’s luscious locks and fashion sense. Then along came a storm in a B-cup over her sun bathing topless… Really… who cares?

That other English Queen of Fashion, Hers Truly Kate Moss, we’ve seen more times top-off than top-on and I don’t know anybody who ever got upset about that.

I’m sticking to what I know, which is hair, and I absolutely love how she’s wearing it up these days.

I always thought this look should have been hers on her wedding day. That half-up half-down style she went for was formal enough but stuck to that glossy, well groomed, “Chelsea blow dry” look. Gorgeous, but not quite special enough for a royal wedding, to my taste.

Kate MiddletonHair-up gives you that instant sophistication, and you carry that effect when you walk into a room. More the Charlize look in the Dior adverts. Madonna really zoomed in on the look in its most classic set, in her movie W.E. (the reviews may not have been great but it deserved an Oscar for Hair!)

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