Summer Hairstyle Inspiration 2021

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Step Into Summer 2021 In Style at Giannasso Hair & Beauty Salon in Covent Garden

Summer 2021 is finally here and our team of hairstyle experts are ready and waiting to transform your look! Whether you want a show-stopping hair colour makeover or simple style refresh - we've got you covered at Giannasso Hair & Beauty salon in Covent Garden.

After a year of DIY hair fixes and overgrown, lacklustre locks, it only makes sense that this summer will be filled with bold, exciting new hairstyles. Read on to get all the Summer #hairinspo you need for 2021 - you won't regret it!

I Want a Hair Colour Transformation!

Transforming your hair colour can instantly improve your confidence - and whilst caramel and honey hues will continue to reign in the summer of 2021, you can also try more daring experimental colours, like baby blue or even pastel pink.


I Want Fuller, Longer Hair!

Get the long, luscious locks of your dreams in Summer 2021, courtesy of our in-house hair extensions expert, Emily. Emily is highly trained in the art of hair extensions application and will create a bespoke, natural-looking finish that you will be showing off all summer long!

I Want a Trendy Men's Hairstyle

The best men’s summer hairstyles for men keep you cool when it’s hot! There are lots of stylish summer hairstyles to choose from, such as short hair style, skin-fade, or a Pompadour - the choices are endless. From buzz cuts to slick back hairstyles - we've got you covered!

I Want Smooth Hair - All Summer Long!

If your hair is dry, damaged, frizzy and unruly, we’re here to make your life easy this Summer with our range of smoothing and repair systems that will leave your hair softer, smoother, straighter and more manageable eliminating frizz.

I Want a Hairstyle Refresh

A nod to the 1970's, 'Curtain' fringes are a fantastic way to reinvent yourself without cutting your hair off and are a BIG trend in 2021! Your Giannasso Hair & Beauty stylist will recommend the best length to suit your individual face shape and personality.