Hairstyles tailored to you

Don’t simply copy the celebs. Make sure your hairstyle is tailored to your face shape and complexion.

We all know that familiar feeling of leaving a hairdressers, feeling deflated as your new hairstyle doesn’t make you look like the celebrity in the magazine cut out you took in with you. Unfortunately this happens too often and it is easily avoided when you are in the hands of a good hair stylist. A good hair stylist that will make you understand that copying a celebrity hair style simply won’t turn you into a lookalike of that celebrity and will suggest tailored hairstyles that make you look your best!


There are so many hair and beauty trends in the fashion world and it can be difficult to know what is best for you. When considering hair colouring it is important to remember that certain colours work better on particular complexions. People with very light skin tones can look washed out with light blonde colouring, or can appear too harsh with jet black hair colouring.

As well as hair colours, haircuts and styles suit different types of face shapes. Wavy hair can be used for people with angular shaped faces to soften their features, whereas up dos are better suited to people with softer features to avoid accentuating an angular face

Balayage is a fantastic technique that has quickly become very popular. It can be tailored to suit the complexion and face shape of any individual. The blending of colour tones helps to better compliment your complexion.

Shorter cuts like the pixie cut are quite difficult to pull off. If you have a round face, pixie cuts can really draw attention to this and make your face appear even rounder. Scarlett Johansson has recently gone for the chop but she has quite a small face which works well with this cropped do.

Remember, don’t simply copy a celebrity hair do because they look great in it. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean you will too! It is so important to have a style and colour that is tailored to suit you, so come and visit usin our Covent Garden salon for a consultation.