Here’s What You Can Expect During Your Post-Lockdown Visit

Giannasso Hair & Beauty Salon in Covent Garden Are BACK!

It’s OFFICIAL! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve successfully re-opened our salon doors on after months of anticipation. You will probably laugh the minute you see us with face shield, and, whilst it’s not very fashion, perhaps you can consider us the doctor for your hair and your mood! 

Here, we’ve gathered some FAQs in regards to the ‘new normal’ at our hair & beauty salon in Covent Garden.

Giannasso New Normal

What Hygiene Measures Will Be In Place?

The salon will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before & after opening. We are providing PPE for the entire team. We are providing PPE for clients in accordance with government guidelines. We have non-touch hand sanitiser stand at the entry of the salon outside and in all stations. We will be disinfecting our tools before and after each client.

Here’s a summary of what to expect on your next visit…

– All staff will be wearing PPE advised by the government.

– The government have now made it mandatory for all clients to wear face coverings in the salon. We can provide you with a mask if needed. You will be required to put on your face covering before entering the salon. If you are exempt from wearing one please let us know prior to your appointment.

– For the time being, we will be using disposable towels for your protection.

– There will be a £2 PPE surcharge added to every bill.

– There will be a hands-free sanitiser station at the entry of the salon as well as sanitiser available throughout the salon and at each station.

– We will be open 7 days a week to limit the amount of staff in the salon at one time, to keep a safe distance and accommodate all appointment requests. 

– The salon will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before & after opening.

– We have added extra time to all appointments to ensure we have enough time to disinfect the stations and our tools between each client.

– We will not be using our waiting area at the moment and will ask you to arrive for your appointment on time & wait outside until greeted by your stylist.

– There will be no magazines available but we will be serving drinks in disposable cups.

– Please check the website price page for our annual price increase.

– We will ONLY be accepting card payments.

– We kindly ask that you visit the salon alone as we will only be seeing one client per time.

– We will not be accepting walk-in appointments.

– Please call to reschedule your appointment if you or anyone you live with develops COVID-19 symptoms.

-Please check your e-mails 4 days prior to your appointment and fill out our COVID-19 form

Beauty Services

Our fabulous beautician Bijal is back in the salon and completing all treatments, see a full list here.

How Will Social Distancing Be Practiced?

We are extending appointment times so we can guarantee that the area used is disinfected before attending the next client. We will be working 7 days a week so we can accommodate our client’s demands, creating shifts between the team so that we can tend to fewer people at a time.