Find the Best Places to go in London

Find the Best Places to go in LondonKeeping on top of the latest trends and best places to go is no easy task in a city as connected and fast moving (not to mention full!) as London. Maybe that’s why more and more people are turning to bespoke concierge services to help them get what they want.

We’ve watched this kind of service catch on in Covent Garden in very little time and, being a busy hair and beauty salon, we’ve met many. One in particular that we’re pleased to enjoy a friendship and association with is the team behind the Bon Vivant Luxury Concierge Service. Founder Emyr Thomas tells us that they are seeing a rise in Londoners coming to them for help with organising their social life and spare time. ‘Our clients simply don’t have the time or contacts to find out about the latest restaurant and club openings, book tables and organise nights out. That’s where we step in….we make it our business to know what’s happening in the capital and where the best places are to go for every occasion.’

So we asked Bon Vivant for some insight on what a concierge service can do to save us the one thing that most of us in London don’t have much of these days … time.

Travel: Book Your Holidays

Always time consuming… so let your Concierge research and book your ideal holiday, whether it’s a beach retreat in the Caribbean, a family villa holiday in Morocco, a shopping trip to New York or a weekend escape to the British countryside. They have access to special discounts and can often secure you free upgrades, late check-outs and even free champagne.

Nightlife: Bars and Clubs

Your Concierge can book the perfect restaurant or bar and get you access to exclusive clubs for any occasion whether it’s for a romantic dinner for two, a business lunch or a casual week day catch-up with friends. Imagine not having to queue! They may even swing some free Champagne for you and your guests.

Theatre and Concerts

If you want to visit the theatre, your Concierge can advise on the best West End play for your tastes and book you the best seats in the house including tickets to sold out performances.

The same goes for concerts – if you want tickets to a sold out gig, ask. They may well be able to work out a way to get you there.

Parties and Gifts

For your birthday or Christmas party, if you don’t want to plan it yourself, leave it to your friendly Concierge. They’ll find the perfect venue, arrange the food, drink, entertainment and even staff if required. If you haven’t got time to find the right gift for a loved one, they can suggest ideas and then source and deliver them on your behalf. That definitely takes the worry out of Christmas!


Clients to entertain? A Concierge can arrange everything for you, from full hospitality at Wimbledon or Twickenham, to a table at an awards ceremony, or a private dining room to discuss an important deal.

Concierges can also deal with all your practical day-to-day issues like finding a trusted cleaner for your home, booking a hairdresser who really knows what they’re doing, or arranging for someone reliable to collect your dry cleaning.

In short, Concierges sound like the modern day Fairy Godmother most of us only dream of……now where shall I go tonight?

Contact Bon Vivant at  T: 0203 141 3000